Re: Unknown Type 547 add-on circuit.

Chuck Harris

The 500 series scopes all (?) had ports on the left
side for direct connection to the deflection plates.
This allowed the user to gain faster sweeps and deflection
than was available from the scope's circuitry.

And, it had the side benefit of allowing all of the bias
circuitry, and anode voltages to be provided by the
host chassis.

For your purposes, you will probably want to remove the
modification, and reconnect the deflection wires to
the CRT.

Don't break the CRT pins sticking out of the neck.
The socket pins should slide on straight and easy.

I find that using a usual set of pliers to grip the
socket pins lets them pivot too easy, and invites
catastrophe. I have a pair of needle nose pliers that
have semi circular tips (like a piece of tubing slit
down its sides), about 3/32 inch in diameter that are
perfect for gripping the socket pins.

-Chuck Harris

Martin Hodge wrote:

Can anyone identify the circuit shown in the photo album? It's in a Type 547 I got off craigslist for $10.

It's only connections are a 4 pin xlr socket mounted thru a hole in the left cowling and 4 leads that clip directly to the CRT deflection plates. Apparently some kind of interface, but for what?

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