Re: Unknown Type 547 add-on circuit.

Dave Wise

That was an unbelievable deal. I'd be pinching myself to prove I was not dreaming it.

That mod was available on most (all?) of the 500-series scopes, it gives direct access to the CRT vertical deflection plates so you can bypass the built-in vertical amp and drive them at frequencies far above spec with external equipment.

Dave Wise
From: <> on behalf of Martin Hodge via <>
Sent: Sunday, July 12, 2020 4:17 PM
Subject: [TekScopes] Unknown Type 547 add-on circuit.

Can anyone identify the circuit shown in the photo album? It's in a Type 547 I got off craigslist for $10.

It's only connections are a 4 pin xlr socket mounted thru a hole in the left cowling and 4 leads that clip directly to the CRT deflection plates. Apparently some kind of interface, but for what?

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