Re: Need 067-1051-00 right angle extender for 7D20

Dallas Smith

Thank you HÃ¥kan,

Read your post, but this post:
is exactly the same problem, the trace offset is triggering the wrong errors. I believe the large trace offset is the root cause of the problem. Both channels position will just show on the screen at full CW control position.

Checked my ROM versions: U500 & U700 Ver 03 all the others Ver 02.
The unit work for two years, how could a bug now be the problem, are your saying that the ROM;s have gone bad?
If a ROM lost a bit or two, that is a problem. These ROM's can only hold the data so long but can be freshened up by erasing and re-programming them.. Didn't find any firmware at 'KO04BB' or our files, anyone have these firmware bin's if needed?


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