Re: Unknown Type 547 add-on circuit.

Martin Hodge

Actually the total bill was $60, for a 535a, 547, 549, 575, 585a and a little Heathkit scope. I was very pleased, but the suspension on my van was not.

I was really after the 575. I'd been wanting a curve tracer and the other units were gravy. The 585a and the heathkit were unfortunately rotted away far beyond saving. But I've got the 575 and the 535a working nicely and calibrated. The 547 I've just finished but haven't calibrated yet. The 549 storage scope is going to have to wait, it needs two 8608 tubes in the vertical amp (gassy) which are very expensive.

The 535a has a beautiful, bright and razor sharp aqua colored trace and is completely transistor free when equipped with a Type 53/54K. I feel like a bolt of lightning could hit it and it would keep right on ticking.

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