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Hi Tom,

I’m an olde member of the Yahoo list (now, the .io list), wanting to subscribe again. I’ve emailed the Subscribe address and received the replies, awaiting approval.

The thing is, I’m trying to sell my 2465DVS in

CraigsList this weekend and need a question answered before I can move ahead with the sale.

Would you know the answer or ask the list members? If it weren’t for the time issue I’d just wait for approval from the owner/modulator.


Dave Carpenter

- - -

2465DVS (DMM, video trigger, counter/timer).

The power-up diagnostic for the counter/timer fails (error 0D). Pushing a button on the front panel dismisses the error and I can use the scope. This has been this way for maybe 8-10 years.

I’ve been told that the C/T failure affects the sweep function. I have not noticed this but can’t say I’ve used the features of this scope to its max.

1. Is this true?

2. Anyone want to make an offer? (Please contact me off-list.) I’m in N. California.



(olde member returning after long hiatus)

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