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Richard Knoppow

I am puzzled, you say it would make 16oz, or a quart. Is  not a quart 32oz or is it different for paint?

On 7/11/2020 8:07 PM, Roy Thistle wrote:
On Sat, Jul 11, 2020 at 02:07 PM, Reed Dickinson wrote:

Stan Griffiths, now deceased, passed on to me this Tektronix Blue paint
formula.  He called it Williamsburg Blue.
OPEX is Sherwin Williams (at least in 2016)... and is fast drying (10 minutes) alkyd nitrocellulose lacquer (that requires priming on Aluminum) L161 comes in Black, White, Red, Yellow, Aluminum, Clear, and base... but I speculate that Opex Lacquer is not what is used in the formula that Stan gave you. L61XX is a custom Opex paint... which makes sense since it was called "Tek blue"... or Tektronix Blue... not a lacquer Sherwin Willians could sell to other customers.

You mentioned the following data.

B 4Y22 Black,
C 33 Yellow oxide, (I think that this should be 0Y33... 33 ounces of yellow seems a lot.)
D 1Y29 Green,
W 1Y32 White,
E 1Y45 Blue,
Base 7-916 (I think this should be 916 7Y0 Base)
You were given that Y = ounces, 4Y = 4 ounces, 48 Points = 1 ounce... so the above would make close to 16 fluid ounces of paint, or 1 quart.

The "Base" is the bulk of the volume, and you are adding colours, and you are adding shade (Black), and tint (White) to make a particular tone that Stan called Williamsburg Blue (a "colour" around which there is more wank than that around contact cleaners.) "916" is the paint manufacturer's paint code for the Base. "B,C,D,W,E" are the codes for the pure colours, and tints and shades.

If you can remember how long ago you got the formula from Stan... maybe I can tell you more.
Richard Knoppow

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