Tektronix TM500/TM5000 extender version 1.0

Ke-Fong Lin

Hi everyone,

I've a small TM500/TM5000 extender project and it is basically completed.
It's been tested working as an extender.
It's been also tested working as a standalone debugging device. That is to power a plug-in from lab supplies, which can be useful for repair.
Everything is now on github:


Can you guys have a look and tell me if you can make any sense of it?
It's basically the same as version 0.8, without the bodge wire needed:

I'll add some photos for reference on the github tomorrow, otherwise it may be a bit abstract.

The standalone AC supplies have not been tested, but I'm pretty confident. It's basically some wiring.
The power good (TM5000 PWR pin) circuitry neither because both my SG5010 and AA5001 ignore it
But it's also very simple, so it should work.

Best regards,

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