Re: Tektronix Blue paint

Reed Dickinson

I am re-sending the data as the columns did not line up.    Years ago a friend, Stan Griffiths, now deceased, passed on to me this Tektronix Blue paint formula.  He called it Williamsburg Blue.  He said it came from a commercial paint company but I really do not know how to read the formula.  Here it is:
B  4Y22  Black,    C 33 Yellow oxide,  D 1Y29 Green,  W 1Y32 White, E 1Y45 Blue, Base 7-916Y = ounces, 4Y = 4 ounces,  48 Points = 1 ounce
Another formula, this one from the late Dean Kidd, is as follows:
Base, E480 DBD Interior Satin                                  
Lamp Black  37 shots,  Thalo Green  22 half shots,  Thalo Blue 30 half shots, white 1 ounce 8 shots                  
I would appreciate any feedback on these two formulas for my notes.
Reed Dickinson, 1705 Stonehenge Drive, Tustin, CA  92780,

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