Re: Tek 465 Turns on, No Dot, No Trace


On Sat, Jul 11, 2020 at 09:05 AM, Tom Miller wrote:

Ok, that sounds like the main problem. That HV multiplier is also used
in the 475 scope as well as the A and B versions. You might check with Q
service in Greece ( excellent to deal with) or search the part number
152-0552-00.  Here is one on ebay. but
a bit expensive.

Another option is to build one from parts - it's a cockcroff-walton
multiplier. Should be some info in the archives on It is a
tripler so three caps and three diodes plus a 1-3 meg carbon comp
resistor and a case to put it in. Pot with wax.

Ask on the group if anyone has a spare.


Hmmm... Does it have to be a carbon comp resistor?
I may try to build one using the existing enclosure. I hope it’s not dipped in epoxy.
Dinos at Q-Service is out of this part.
He’s really a very nice guy. I’ve dealt with him a few time, and talked to him on the phone last week.

Maybe I can just replace the parts inside. But I have the feeling it’s not gonna be that easy...
Plus, replacing that part apparently requires removing the entire board, which is a project in itself.

PS: Were those cracklings sounds i heard to be expected? That startled me. I hope nothing was damaged...

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