Re: Tek 465 Turns on, No Dot, No Trace


On Sat, Jul 11, 2020 at 06:24 AM, Tom Miller wrote:

There is a wire jumper at board location A-5 that provides the ground to
the HV multiplier. (note that I am going from old memory so take with a
grain of salt). Measure to ground to see if it is grounded. It is next
to a mounting screw for the multi module. Just lift one end and see if
the HV osc comes up.

If the HV osc is not running, all the CRT vltage readings will be off.

Ok, so I did lift that jumper. GOOD MEMORY BTW!!! A-5 it was!! Remind me NOT to ever play Naval BattleS with you!

The CRT came to life. I had something when playing With the Intensity and pushing the Beam Finder. But at the same time I did this, I heard some weird cracklings noises coming from the HV area, and a funny smell. Nothing caught fire though. I turn everything down and released the B Finder. Then I turned it off.
What say you? Is this good or bad? What are my options?

Best Regards

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