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Dave Daniel

The J20/7J20 spectrometer had two (optional) fiber optic probes available. As nearly as I can tell, the base instrument did not come with a probe. One of the optional probes was described in the (1975) catalog as transferring light to the entrance slit. The second was described as a UV quartz fiber optic probe for transferring UV light. Both came with mounting rings (there are photos of the UV probe on the TekWiki site).

There were also an external normalizer and a filter holder available as accessories.

In some 20-odd years of looking for this instrument I have only ever seen one J20/7J20 come up for sale. I’ve never seen a standalone probe come up for sale.


On Jul 11, 2020, at 11:26, Kurt Swanson <> wrote:

I have a 7J20. Unfortunately, I don't have the sampling head. I've had it for a long time, and when I got it, I knew it was uncommon, but I figured a sampling head would eventually turn up. No such luck - at least so far.
I got it wanting to do some optical spectroscopy work, and still would like to get it working for that purpose.

If anyone has a sampling head, let me know, otherwise I might reluctantly let this one go for sale or trade (and I do mean reluctantly).

Regards - Kurt

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