Re: Tektronix Blue paint - source in the UK ??


All automotive paint suppliers will colour match and create a good match for you. The problem with quoting a specific paint supplier’s base or mix colours is that only works where that manufacturer’s colours are available.



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I’m not sure about folks outside of the US but if it were me I’d take a side panel down to the paint store and have them color match it. I’ve used this method on my house where it works well, no reason it shouldn’t work on test equipment


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There has been communication on Tek blue paint ever since I joined this Forum. May I respectfully suggest that you have a search through the past posts to find all you can. There is a lot of information there, though a good deal relates to US providers, I am sure that some UK-dwelling members have contributed.

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I'm from the UK and don't quite understand the "Bluebase 79126" reference? The the other colors are fine as they are in Ounces?

Help please anyone!


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