Re: tektronix 2465b rom.

James Theonas

Thank you my friend!

On Saturday, July 11, 2020, 5:12:06 PM GMT+3, Chuck Harris <> wrote:

Yes, and no...

You know what the values should be, and you know
relatively where they exist in the calibration file,
but you have no idea how, or where, they exist in
the 2K RAM.

Tektronix went out if its way to avoid telling you
that little tidbit of information.

Looking at your screen pictures, and looking at the
data in a hex editor, you can probably figure out
where in the 2K byte RAM the constants are, but you
also have to figure out where the checksums for the
whole file exist.

I know there is a routine in the EPROM that lets
you write back the calibration data, but it is not
available to the unwashed masses.  Someone told me
about it once many, many, years ago, but I remember
nothing about it, only that it exists.

Well, that's not quite true, I recall it is a simple
button press from within the EXER02 routine.

Tektronix would never use such a routine, outside
of development, as they would simply recalibrate the
scope to restore any errant calibration data.

-Chuck Harris

James Theonas via wrote:
Hi guys! I opened exerciser 2 on my scope and copied all the data from 00 to ff by looping through all of them as I was recording a video. If I input the said data in my programmer and flash a new chip will it work? Is that all that is needed?

Thanks everyone for the fantastic people in this group!

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