Re: Cleaning TM500 module pushbutton switches

J Mcvein

Early on e.g. 1960's, WD-40 used fish oil. It changed to petroleum
around the 1970s when fish oil became more valuable as a food
supplement. That has not stopped the salmon fishermen out here
from spraying their herring baits with it. Old practices die hard.


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My experience with WD40 came when working on a project in Hawaii under high humidity conditions. The stores sold WD40 in gallon cans because everyone was using it to prevent their tools from rusting.

I followed the crowd and applied heavy coatings to anything ferrous with the stuff. Some of the tools went for several months before they were brought into use. But when they came out it was found that the WD40 coating on them had turned into something similar to Cosmoline and required washing it off with solvents to clean them before they could be used.

Obviously the tools did not rust. But there was something at play here that made the WD40 very messy. May have been the humidity. And from that I decided that WD40 was not very useful other than for storing things and loosening frozen items.

I’m wondering if WD40 Company has changed the formulation since then.


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