Re: DP512 12 GHz Digital Prescaler


I believe at one time a company called Spectracom built a TM500 rubidium
frequency standard plug-in.

On Sat, Jul 11, 2020 at 04:36 Egge Siert <eggeja2@...> wrote:

Hi Joe,

From a German eBay Member (I assume a former Tektronix Germany employee) I
got the following answer:

"Guten Tag, ja ich weiƟ es, es sollte mal einen Eigenbau eines Prescalers
bis 14 GHZ werden, das Projekt wurde aber nie gestartet.

Mfg Klaus Chudzinski"

The earlier mentioned Rubidium Standard Plug-In was in fact a 10MHz GPS
Standard named GS510. Pictures of it are now in the posession of TekWiki.


Egge Siert

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