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I am interested in the 7J20/J20 for light source spectrometry. I have an
Ocean Optics fiber-optic one that works for what I usually need, but hey,
one that works with my Tek 7000-series scopes would be neat (and useful).

In my experience, you never know what you can find until you ask. Years
ago, I put an advert is Sky and Telescope for a NASA Apollo Command Module
optical unit assembly (the “space sextant” used to update the Command
Module inertial navigation system) and found a person who had one for sale!
He bought it when the company that made it (Kollsman Instrument) moved
their headquarters.

Just for fun, I put my name into eBay search and got a hit. It turns out
that a clever seller had a copy of the SPIE Medical Imaging Proceedings and
he put the names of all the paper authors in the description. It was the
Proceedings from the first meeting so I bought it (later donated it so it
could be scanned and put online).

Only 40 made is really rare. I have used a Tektronix J16 photometer - a
great instrument and Tek made a lot of those (but it doesn’t do
spectrometry - just precision photometry). At the time I was measuring
luminance of CRTs and the uniformity across the tube face (medical imaging

Thanks for letting me know how rare the 7J20/J20 are. I’ll stick with the
Ocean Optics unit - but if someone offered one for sale at less than the
price of a new Tek Mixed Domain scope, I’d consider it!

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I think if you find one of those, that it will be protected by unicorns.
According to Dennis Tillman in TekWiki, there were only about 40 made. If I
understand correctly from past discussion on this "holy grail" plug-in,
Dennis has one (not for sale).
As I also understand it, the likelihood of anyone having a legitimate
purpose for owning and using one, other than simple collection, is almost
zero. As a retired Research Chemist, I am aware of what it is capable of
doing and I would love to own one, but (1) it would sit on a shelf most of
the time and (2) it would reduce my bank-balance significantly.
Give it up...

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I am looking for a rare 7000-series plug-in: A 7J11 optical spectrum
analyzer with the external detector head. I know that these are uncommon as
I don't think Tek made many of them (high price). If anyone knows of one
for sale, let me know off-list. Thanks!

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