Re: Tektronix Blue paint - source in the UK ??

Chuck Harris

What exactly don't you understand about the Bluebase
79126 reference?

I am guessing here, but I think you might have a difficulty
in understanding the technology of making a particular
color paint.

The most efficient way to mix custom colors is to start
with a handful of base colors, which amount to about
99% of the bulk of the gallon of paint.

Once you have a base stock color, then you can calculate
what, from a panoply of tinting colors, you need to add to
that base stock to get the desired color.

Bluebase 79126 is one paint manufacturer's base color.

-Chuck Harris

chris gare wrote:

I'm from the UK and don't quite understand the "Bluebase 79126" reference? The the other colors are fine as they are in Ounces?

Help please anyone!


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