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Colin Herbert

I think if you find one of those, that it will be protected by unicorns. According to Dennis Tillman in TekWiki, there were only about 40 made. If I understand correctly from past discussion on this "holy grail" plug-in, Dennis has one (not for sale).
As I also understand it, the likelihood of anyone having a legitimate purpose for owning and using one, other than simple collection, is almost zero. As a retired Research Chemist, I am aware of what it is capable of doing and I would love to own one, but (1) it would sit on a shelf most of the time and (2) it would reduce my bank-balance significantly.
Give it up...

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I am looking for a rare 7000-series plug-in: A 7J11 optical spectrum analyzer with the external detector head. I know that these are uncommon as I don't think Tek made many of them (high price). If anyone knows of one for sale, let me know off-list. Thanks!

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