Re: My first scope, a Tektronix 11401 with option 2D extended memory and two 11A34 plugins and an 11A33 plugin.


Oh, i forgot to mention, I'm new here! Not sure if my humor really came across like joking about the dead channel causing a time fault. (it was a joke on how i am dumb)

Anyways im reading the extended service manual 1 and the timebase G2121 can either be 1, 2, or 3 of 2 things. lol. Basically either the 19MHz clock Y2040 <10> on the Acquisition Board or the MPU clock Y220 <16> on the Time Base board is out of tolerance. I am willing to bet it's the Y2040 <10> because there is only one timebase fault not two. if there were two timebase faults I'd have a G2111 fault as well since that test also uses the Y220 <16> for timing reference. The G2111 fault is when the 10MHz crystal Y100 on the acquisition board is within 0.01% and the circuits necessary to generate the time base board's system block are somewhat functional. If there were 2 time base faults, it'd hard to diagnose which chip is causing which fault, is it the MPU causing both?, or is the MPU fine and Y220 <16> and Y2040 <10> are both out ? Or are they all three out lol? Ooof, glad it's only the G2121 atm.

The Artek manuals are amazing. The 11401 extended service manuals, which are not just scanned in either, they are digitally remastered. Highly worth the $15 for all 4 major books, but mostly just for those three service manuals remastered. Please if you need these extended service manuals, don't ask me I won't give them to you, please support Artek!

I should say also some other various stuff about this machine and it's upgrades through out it's life. there are two extra extended lifetime service manuals. One is a U350 and U552 replacement guide, mostly just a ESD sensitive slam-pak install tutorial, might have more didn't fully read it yet. Two is a Reliability Improvements for 11401 on serial numbers B010100 - B019999. It talks about firmware version 3 upgrade chips and a trigger enhancement, essentially from what i read it will avoid spiking the waveform when the end of holdoff and the triggering signal coincides. I'm willing to bet most 11401's have had the trigger enhancement, because the manual is from 1988 and Tektronix, i believe from what I was told was giving out free improvements customers could pickup. Additionally after the improvements were made public and distributed, Tektronix were already supplying 11401 scopes with the improvements installed. Hence why you can find model numbers for 11401's after the service manual supports with an age older than the manual. Both were scanned by Zenith and they are here right now, i don't believe i found them anywhere else. That site also has an incomplete 067-0587-10 manual supplement to 067-0587-02, you can find a more complete one on the tek wiki. which is actually the manual which shows how all 7k calibration fixture signal standardizer can be switched to a 7612D, and 11k calibration fixture signal standardizer. once the modification is installed it just depends on what way the internal S135 switch on the 067-0587-02 is set to. With S135 pushed facing forward toward front is for 11k and 7612D it's called the 067-0587-10 in this mode, and switch pushed back, facing rear is for 7k and called a 067-0587-02. You can find the original 067-0587-02 calibration fixture signal standardizer instruction service manual on tekwiki or The Boat Anchor Manual Archive. Once you have both 067-0587-02 and 067-0587-10 manuals, i'd edit 067-0587-02 by placing 067-0587-10 manual before section 1 like it says in the 067-0587-10 manual. I've seen a few 067-0587-02's with the 067-0587-10 mod already installed, so you might already have it, but i wouldnt buy a 067-0587-02 betting it had a 067-0587-10 mod... Also page has several useful tools and obsolete Tek software like Docuwave 1.2. Which was hard as heck to find. I believe this is the last version working for the 11401's.

Also just picked up some probemaster 8017S's, pretty sure these are the best leads for the price, if 8017S's arent for your meter or you, checkout probemaster cross reference to find the right probes! i really wanna buy probemasters oscilloscope probes, but golly they are almost the price of my scope, one day.

That's all for today :)

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