Tek 7904 help!

Bill Riches

My 7904 just stopped working.  I have had it for about 5 years - no problems - used several times a week.
1. No blown fuses.2.  Powered with metered Sencore variac -  it draws about 10 watts after initial kick and meter pulses slightly.  I assure it is in pulse mode.3.  High voltage warning light is on and when power is removed it goes out after a few min. 3. Removed all plugins and it still would not power up.4. Removed ps and checked all caps and diodes for shorts.5. Checked resistance readings of supply voltages with ps connected and unconnected - they are close.
I have not checked out ps with 20 volts input and using test scope yet.
I would like to rule out ps problems and wonder if any of our group would have a working ps that I could purchase.
Any help would be appreciated.
Bill, WA2DVU - (good on QRZ)Cape May, NJ609 425 8651

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