Re: 7000-series plug-in power tester



I the guy who is making a standalone power and signal adapter board. The original post is here

To answer your question, would be it worth doing? No it does not worth it at all for the trouble you go through, if the goal is only powering some plugins for troubleshooting.

I have three flexible extenders, and one rigid extender with more than 4 working 7000 mainframes (even more if count broken ones). But I am still spending a significant portion of my night to make it happen. Why? The value is not in the power adapter board itself. The value is in that you enable these plugins to be used on modern digital scope.

No company make 100 MHz differential amplifier anymore (at least not I am aware of) => 7L13
Low noise low frequency measurement with adjustable bandwidth=> 7A22
Hard to get capability for very low frequency spectrum analyzer for audio work => 7L5
Capability to get better noise floor than 1mVpp @ >100MHz => 7A26 is about 120uV level although not easily available due to limited 5mV/div max gain
Sampling plugins 7S12, 7S14
TDR => 7S12
Curve tracer 7CT1N

The above items are the ones that I can make sense of it. There may be other benefit to enable these plugins being used on digital scopes.

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