Tek TS-4353/U Distortion Analyzer and 500 series plug-ins

Dick Wilson at DiLette Sales

Tom: Just for reference, you might show that I do have a copy of the Tektronix TS-4353/U Distortion Analyzer manual.
I sold a dozen or so of these sets many years ago while owner of DiLette Sales/DiLette.com
I ran that company on my free time from my job as a Boeing 747 Captain for American Airlines (40+ years).
I am now retired in Florida, and no longer active in the technical electronics market.
However, I am somewhat knowledgeable about the TM-504A, which does not seem to be widely understood.
The TM-504A mainframe is quite different from the standard TM-504.
The TS-4353/U was produced for the military to house the AA501/SG505/WQ and SG-505WR plug-ins.
The 100+ page civilian version TS-4353/U manual explains it's functions quite well.
The backplane of the TM-504A was wired specifically to allow crosstalk between these three plug-ins.
I had one customer that modified a standard TM-504, but he continued to have problems to the extent that he later ended up buying a TM-504A case which eliminated his problems. So, my guess is that it was a complicated conversion.
In any event, I have a ton of old Tek hardware and manuals. At 78, I'm not inclined to spend my future scanning docs, but might be willing to help with specific requests.
Capt. R. A. "Dick" Wilson, retired.

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