Re: S-52 only works with lowered +15 V power supply

Albert Otten

Hi Max,
The waveform at the point "E" is very critical.
Blowing some compressed air in the zone around R26 / 27 / 30/37 the pulse width at pin "E"
(positive pulse at right of waveform 10) changes noticeably, influencing the width of TD pulse.
I'm reaaaaally puzzled.
At the more negative level Pin E resets the output to true zero in periods 3-6 and 9, by switching the pair Q86/Q88 such that Q86 conducts and Q88 is off. Pin E is the only Timer board output which can force zero output. We saw already that zeroing also occurs at high "+15V". Now zeroing also seems to occur before the official end of the output pulse in period 8 because of temperature effects, likely also via the observed changes at Pin E.
How locally concentrated is your pressed air? The Control board (with the comparator pairs) is probably not much affected, so the cause of your problem might well be in the Timing board. I'd still like to see the base voltages of Q86/Q88 to confirm things.


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