Re: S-52 only works with lowered +15 V power supply

Dan G

On Sat, Jul 4, 2020 at 07:10 PM, unclebanjoman wrote:

Just discovered that R27 on the schematic is 510 ohm: on the board there a 2.0
kohm is mounted instead.
My timing board has the code number 670-1320-02 so I don't have the latest
The timing board A1 rolled to revision -01 at s/n B080000,
then to revision -02 at s/n B091450.

R12 changed from 4.3K to 3K at s/n B091450.
R26 changed from 15K to 13K at s/n B080000.
R27 changed from 510 Ohm to 2K at s/n B080000.

On the trigger board, the snap-off diode CR66 changed
to Tek p/n 152-0252-01 (GHZ Devices, Inc. p/n GC-2534-15)
at s/n B080000. C65/R64 probably had to change at the same
time to compensate for different diode characteristics.


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