Re: 7603 HV oscillator doesn’t start up


Thanks Rollyn for the trick. Will check that. As for your beta range, I suppose it is meant at its specific operation current within the 7603?


Le 4 juil. 2020 à 16:49, ROLYNN PRECHTL K7DFW <k7dfw@...> a écrit :

It isn't that they were selected, the 2N3055 devices at the time were all homotaxial and had low beta compared to more modern versions.

Even with this in play some HV circuits were cranky and wouldn't do well with very low and very high betas.

Look for a 150-0140-xx with a beta in the range of approx 20-50.

We fought this in the B Phase of the 611 and I'm familiar with the problem.

Tek Bvtn and Sunset 1966-1971

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