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The BEST (and as far as I know the ONLY) extremely comprehensive reference list of CRT phosphors I have ever found is the one compiled by Patrick Jankowiak KD5OEI from many different sources. It includes:
* The RMA/EIA phosphor designations (e.g. P1, P7, P11...).
* The International E.U. phosphor designations (e.g. GK, WW, YX...).
* Samples of each phosphor’s fluorescence and phosphorescence emission color.
* Each phosphor’s peak wavelength, wavelength range, persistence, and/or decay times.
* Each phosphor’s chemical composition.
* The applications each phosphor was developed for or used on.
You can download your own copy of this comprehensive reference on CRT phosphors at:

While you are there I recommend that you take a look at the rest of the unique and fascinating site where this CRT phosphor reference is located. This is the "Bunker of DOOM". It contains all sorts of "Timeless Information for Retro-Tech Hobbyists and Hardware Hackers... We continue to offer the finest and most Obscure Classical Electronics information we can find, and recent items of possible interest".
Patrick Jankowiak KD5OEI is the mastermind of this site. As he says "There is only one original and true Bunker of DOOM and this is it":

Be careful. Before you know it an hour has passed and you still haven't explored more than a fraction of Patrick's fascinating collection of information.
Dennis Tillman W7pF

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Did anyone other than Tek make scopes with blue phosphors? I was chatting with a friend and neither of us could think of anyone. All either of us had seen was green CROs.

Have Fun!

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