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Richard Knoppow

I have a very old Strobotac and a booster that attaches to it and provides white light. My Strobotac is old enough to have a neon(?) light. It is absolutely fascinating. Among other things one can see how a bug telegraph key works.
   Edgerton also devised some extremely high speed strobes for scientific purposes. GR built some and use to feature a picture of a bullet half penetrating a sheet of glass in its catalogs.
    MIT people started some interesting businesses, another was Technicolor founded by Herbert T Kalmus. He formed a consulting company called Kalmus, Comstock and Westcott. they advertised in QST, among other places,  to custom design radio equipment before Technicolor became successful. Of course the Tech in the name was from MIT.
    You may know that Natalie Kalmus, Kalmus first wife, whose name appears on so many Technicolor movies, as color coordinator, had nothing to do with them at all. Her name appeared because it was a condition of their divorce settlement.
   Talk about your OT

On 6/26/2020 9:49 PM, Dennis Tillman W7pF wrote:
I have a GR Strobotac. It is fascinating instrument to have when studying repetitive mechanical motion. I know how brilliant Doc Edgerton is as well. I have a booklet GR produced for the Strobotac with many classic pictures Doc Edgerton took of things frozen at the critical instant in time when something remarkable just happened.

I used to put on stroboscope demonstrations in my daughter's elementary school. For the grand finale I connected a WaterPik "massage" shower head to the sink in her classroom. The shower head had a few different settings that made the water pulse or rotate out of different nozzles. By synchronizing the strobe with the shower head the water pulses coming out of the shower head could be gradually slowed down and brought to a standstill in front of their eyes. And then I would very gradually increase the strobe speed just a little more to make the pulses of water defy gravity and go backwards up into the shower head.

Dennis Tillman W7pF
Richard Knoppow

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