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Richard Knoppow

A nit-pik: Harold Edgerton was a professor at MIT. There is a short bio at:
  GR developed the stroboscope, based on Edgerton's patents, commercially. GR was known for the Strobotac and other strobe instruments almost as much as the Variac.
    Edgerton formed a company with a couple of MIT grad students to develop his inventions. See:
   Beside the stroboscope Edgerton was responsible for the single flash strobe lights which became so common in photography. The earliest ones were made by Eastman Kodak under the name Kodatron. These were large units meant for studio use. At the time Kodak was promoting Kodachrome, initially a very slow film, so the availability of high intensity strobe lights was highly desirable to them.

On 6/25/2020 8:55 AM, Dale H. Cook wrote:
On 6/25/2020 11:02 AM, Dennis Tillman wrote:

Eduard Karplus, along with 2 other GR Engineers, created the famous GR-874 connector which also had a
long useful life because of its outstanding bandwidth and its unique sexless design.
Like the Variac, the GR-874 connector is simple and reliable.
Dennis -

Thank you for the information about Eduard Karplus. I enjoyed learning that he was involved in the design of two GR lines that I frequently use - the Variac and 874 connectors. I have a large tackle box holding the many 874 standards, adapters, filters, cables, and accessories that I use in the shop and in the field with many GR instruments.

The only GR engineers whose work I am fairly familiar with are Harold Edgerton (whom I met while in high school) and Henry Hall (I own some of the bridges he designed).

General Radio, like Tektronix, was a company where the engineers were known for creating outstanding products.
I think that was also true of HP in its heyday. The vast majority of the instruments that I own are GR, HP, and Tek, and some of them still see frequent (and many others occasional) use in the field. Other instruments from those three see regular use in my shop.
Richard Knoppow

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