Re: (OT) repair tools: Autotransformers/variacs

David Berlind

Sean, before you buy, how about I gift you mine?My form of paying it forward given the generosity of other forum members. It's a Superior Electric Powerstat Type 116 rated for 7.5 amps. It weighs a lot. You would just need to pay shipping. You would also just need to replace the plastic thumb-cover (retainer) on the fuse holder. Mine went missing somewhere in transit.


On June 23, 2020 4:41:52 PM wrote:

Thanks everyone! I found a decent deal on a Staco 10 amp variac thanks to John Griessen...I may pull the trigger on that as a stopgap. I definitely wouldn't mind finding a nice GR model...if local hamfests ever come back, I'll definitely keep my eyes open for one. Thanks for the tips on what to look for Dale!


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