Re: 2% Silver

Chuck Harris <cfharris@...>

The tektronix solder is definitely not lead free, and you definitely
do not want to be using lead free solder on the terminal strips in
a tektronix 500 series scope.

The Kester Sn62 solder makes beautiful joints, though.

-Chuck Harris

Randy.AB9GO wrote:

I purchased a 1 lb roll of Multicore 2% at of all things a farm equipment
show 4-5 years ago for $3.00! No one wanted because it was too thin. You
just never know where stuff like this is going to show up. I will probably
bite the bullet and buy a new roll when I need it. It makes some of the
prettiest joints you've ever seen. I use it on everything. On the other
end of the spectrum is lead free and unless I have to work on something
that is already lead free I'm just not buying it or using it. Awful awful


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