Re: Spectrum Analyzer

David Berlind

Victor S, yes, I found some videos on YouTube showing demos of SDR
substitutes for SAs and noted that the interface was vintage Windows (and
also noted that the owner complained that the interface regularly froze,
requiring rebooting). I realize that new models will use newer operating
systems but that years from now, it could be the same problem all over
again. One solution might be to initially set the OS up in a virtual
machine (ie:VMware) and keep the VM around forever. I once did this to
preserve a really old installation of Lotus Notes which, sadly, I have
since lost track of. It's true that you'll never lose track of a large
dedicated unit. At least I wouldn't. I realize some of you have barns full
of stuff.

On Sun, Jun 21, 2020 at 10:03 AM victor.silva via <daejon1=> wrote:

I used to think this was a good idea, to put the interface of a product on
a PC.
Until I had a product that worked on Win XP and then didn't work on Win 7,
Win 10 etc.
Don't even mention products that used to work on Win 95, Win NT, Win 2000,

When you buy a fully integrated SA, it's good forever as long as it
functions it is good.
You can't say that with PC based equipment, unless you keep an old PC
around just to support that product.


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