Re: Spectrum Analyzer Question

David Berlind

Hi Lawrence,

I am the "he"... my needs are very hobbyist in nature. Over the last few
years, I've been bitten by the electronics bug. Late in life at 58, I know
(I wish I discovered this sooner). I love doing experiments with the gear
I've acquired so far to gain more in depth knowledge. For example, using an
oscilloscope to test a capacitor vs. a capacitor tester tester to test a
capacitor. I feel as though I learn more. I've been repairing guitar amps
but my interests have also made me HAM-curious and I so recently acquired a
much older gentleman's ham shack (intend on getting my license soon). I
also have about 10 older tube radios here, all of which need repair. I've
been studying RF, oscillator circuits, and I have an old HP606B SG but the
more I study (read, watch videos, etc.), the more a spectrum analyzer keeps
popping up as the go to tool. I know I can align a radio with a VTVM, but
I'd also like to double check my LOs with a spectrum analyzer too. Might be
overkill, but those are the sort of experiments I like to do. They help me
to learn what's actually happening vs. some diagnostic instruments that
obfuscate the underlying physics and just give you an outcome. So, I'd
like to acquire a spectrum analyzer for my lab. I stumbled across the video
on YouTube of the plug-in for the Tek 7000 and I have several such
mainframes here. So, this exploration originated with a question over on
TekScopes about the idea of acquiring a 7Lx plug in for one of my
mainframes vs. acquiring a dedicated device. As I saw multiple mentions of
the nanoVNA, I started researching it but didn't see exactly how that made
sense an SA substitute. I did find a video that showed someone using an
SDRPlay in that capacity though, which I found interesting (

I hope this gives you some clarification.

Based on the threads so far, I did locate a working HP141T with the 8555A
RF section which goes from 10MHz up to 18GHz and the 8552B IF Section for
$300. That's more than I was hoping to spend and the shipping cost will
probably be insane.

On Sat, Jun 20, 2020 at 10:51 AM Lawrance A. Schneider <
llaassllaaass@...> wrote:

On Fri, Jun 19, 2020 at 02:44 PM, Roy Thistle wrote:

NanoVNA et. al. is not an attack submarine either; but what a Nano is
not is
missing the point... if one doesn't know what one needs an S.A. for...
doesn't need an S.A. That's my claim, and I'm sticking to it.
That was my point of recommending a NanoVNA; he claims beginner ship and
perchance using a NanoVNA would clarify his needs.


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