Re: Spectrum Analyzer Question


On Fri, Jun 19, 2020 at 12:40 AM, Roy Thistle wrote:

I recommend having a serious look at the HP 8568A/B or even an HP 8566A
If I told you I just took the training wheels off my bike; and, I'm looking to
gear up... would you then tell me to get a 350-GT?
No, I'd recommend you purchase and use a bike instead of walking 20 miles to the office - and another 20 miles back home every day and while at the office use an electronic calculator instead of using pen and paper.

I agree that some of the more modern Tek "portable" SA's are worthwhile but in use, the 7K plugin SA's really are archaic tools, though fun to play with at times, as I do with my 7L5 and 7L13, both with tracking generator.

Once you've done some serious playing with both a 7K SA (7L5/12/13/14/18) and a more modern SA like the breakthrough-at-the-time HP8658A, I'm sure you'll appreciate.
This is *not* Tek-banging: I love my Tek equipment but at essentially the same current prices, it only makes sense to use the better and more convenient tool.


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