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There are many tales about NuVistors, so at least one of them is likely true. They were supposedly a last ditch effort to delay the inevetable progress to solid state, RCA tried to call them anything but a tube or valve, but that is what they were. Transistors that would work into VHF frequencies were few and very expensive at the time, so something else that could provide good performance combined with small size resembling a transistor was wanted. Many millions of them were used in TV and FM tuners, as well as amatuer gear. There were a few used as audio amplifiers, particularly one Ampex studio tape recorder. As a sidelight- although Americans usually call these devices tubes and others call them valves, I can't recall seeing a schematic where they were not symbolized as V1, V2....

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On 6/15/20 11:45 AM, Roy Morgan wrote:
Pardon a memory lane trip:

Long live these noble artifacts of best-in-the-world technology!

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