Re: DSA 602 "partial enhanced accuracy" at each startup

Tom Norman

On Tue, Jun 16, 2020 at 09:08 AM, Martin wrote:

Yes, I tried exactly that, with each of the 3 modules. No change, partial EA
at each and every startup!
Well, that would seem to exonerate the amps then. Might be worth a try burning a set of 2.23 ROMs, or transplanting ROMs from your V2.23 unit to test the theory. It would be interesting to nail down if it is a V2.2 issue.

KO4BB's website, at the following link, has the V2.23 images, with a PDF document tying IC numbers (Uxxx) to image files, The document also has check sums. I used these when I upgraded my 602A .

HÃ¥kan- That's really good information. I was thinking of trying a methodical board swap, but the erase glitch happens so infrequently, it might take 5 years before I knew for certain it was fixed! Nothing important to lose, just have to get my color scheme back...


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