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David Hallam

I have a Tek mobile scope cart model 3 in my storage unit.  It's in fairly nice condition, needs to be wiped down to remove accumulate dust and dirt.  After paying for 2 years of storage on the the unit, things have to go.  I will give it to anyone who will come and pick it up, Clearwater, FL.  Otherwise, it goes to the dump.



On 6/13/2020 9:14 AM, robert Johnson via wrote:
For my scope cart I bought a cart from Ikea they are available else where
Utility cart, white, 13 3/4x17 3/4x30 3/4 "

On Saturday, June 13, 2020, 08:49:50 AM EDT, NigelP <nigel-pritchard@...> wrote:
Carts not easy to come by in the UK. Here's one I made earlier (photos in Albums/Homemade Scope Cart). Made from aluminium alloy rectangular section and MDF, it's vaguely modelled on one of the Tek designs and has a 7904A on top and two TM504s under-slung. The mainframe platform tilts a few degrees, the TM shelf is fixed. There's an MDF drawer compartment that forms the core of the support at the bottom and this holds the probes etc. There's a power distribution board recessed into the back of the drawer compartment.

Also lurking down there is a Tek viewing hood; it's an odd brown colour; I always thought they were blue!

Also in view is the LED inspection lamp so I can actually see the TM504 dials!! Another shot shows the 7603/7L14/TR502 set up plus a small selection of the homemade gear.


Nigel G8AYM

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