Re: DSA 602 "partial enhanced accuracy" at each startup


Hi all,

I re-checked both my DAS602 (without A, unfortunately):

#1 (doing partial enhanced accuracy at each startup)
Executive 2.2, Digitizer 2.2, Display 2.3
11A34 with F3.3
11A72 with F2.11
11A33 with F2.4
all checks passed on all modules

#2 (immediate measurement after startup)
Executive 2.23, Digitizer 2.23, Display 2.3
11A72 with F2.11 and "fuse test failed"
11A33 with 2.4 OK
no module in right slot

Before the NVRAM-Battery-message I thought that one of the two other batteries was flat making the scope forget its configuraton. But they all tested fine.
Would the module throw an error message if its Dallas-chip-battery is gone?


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