Re: Tek 11000 Series Scope

Tom Norman

A yes vote for me, Chuck.

A DSA602A, known here as the refrigerator, has my bench shelf nearing collapse and I refuse to remove it. In a few more years, I may have to install a lifting eye and davit though. It gets used far more than the 7603, 7904 or the Rigol I just bought. And it rarely gets used to 10% of it's bandwidth or 10% of it's measurement, math and triggering capabilities. Extended service info (schematics, etc) is available for most of the amps, but I think extended service manuals are only available for the 11300 series. Otherwise, it's board level service information for the mainframes. Human interface is a bit bothersome though. I really don't like having to drill into menus to make a simple trigger change. Very cool piece of equipment IMHO.


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