Re: 1502 TDR Battery problems

Mark Pilant

I tried for quite a while to get the "battery fooler" to work *reliably* in
the 1502 and 1503 I have. I was never successful.

I did try the Batteries Plus route and had them make up a replacement pack.
While it looked fine, it wouldn't fit. The original Tek design used flat
top "C" cells, and pretty much all that is available are button top "C"
cells. According to the specifications I could find, the "original" flat
top "C" cells were slightly shorter than the button top "C" cells; by the
height of the button.

While I believe button top batteries could be made to work, because there
appear to be holes for the button, the connections between the cells would
have to be formed, but just a straight across connection.

In the end, I made my own replacement packs using Tenergy Sub-C 2200 mAh
NiCd batteries. The only thing I had to do, as the cells are shorter than
"C" cells, was to sleeve the cells to an appropriate diameter and connect
them all up. I do have an item list and pictures, and can write it up, if
there is interest.

I made two packs, and have a third 150x battery holder if I want to make

BTW, I did some checking, and these batteries will last about a month before
needing to be recharged when "sitting" in TDR that has been turned off.


- Mark N1VQW

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