Re: Update on my 7854 diagnostics project

Holger L├╝bben

Hi Gregor!

All capabilities of the complete digital diagnostic system can bee seen in the manual on this page:
The microlab only serves as an user interface - the real job is done by the 7854 itself with the help of the 067-0911-00 interface and the 067-0961-00 memory card.

The 067-0961-00 memory board can be used within the calibration process. A detailled description can be found in the service manual of the 7854.
In my manual (revision Jan '82) its section "GA - Display System, page 4-79". In later manuals it's in other chapters.
The software on the memory board is much faster than the alternative described in section "GB".
So at least the vector timing will be more precise.
The other features of using the memory board are described in the manual on the first link. It's the chapter "using the calibration firmware" on page 2-6.

Keystone electronic still produces various pcb card ejectors and other pcb-related parts:
The model number 8642 is mechanically compatible to the ejectors in the 7854. The only difference is the missing area for the stickers.

Greetings back from Nothern Germany

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