Re: TM 500 Front Panels

John Ferguson

Hi Michael,

What are you using for layer height?  Are you using PETG?

I suppose drawings for the hole locations are unavailable, but....

FWIW, I've had great success 3d printing jigs for drilling holes in locations specified in drawings where I need to do a couple of sets and doing it on the mill for each one would take too long. Generally, I set the diameter on the 3D model to drill diameter. When it prints, hole is slightly smaller which I clean out with the proper sized drill. I make sleeves on the jig, the better to align the bit and do use a drill press.

I also wondered if the design for these parts would work if the center was left mostly open, say using 3/8 inch rim around center which would be enough to trap this part between the face plate and whatever is behind.

Thanks for giving this project the care you are.


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