Re: Weird (new?) curve tracer on eBay?


Was the 577 usable to test and evaluate power MOSFETs? About thirty years ago, a company called Counterpoint built sound equipment that used MOSFETs in the output stages. Because of the circuit design, they had to have identical characteristics or the amplifier would destroy itself. They would buy thousands of the transistors, and them select them in groups of four. Was the 577 useful for production testing or was it mostly for labs and repair shops?

Bruce Gentry, KA2IVY

On 6/8/20 8:22 AM, Keith wrote:
Have you guys seen this? Looks sort of like a wannabe 577 knock off. This looks like a new offering, not one of those Chinese made Tek licensed things that were being discussed a while back here on the forum.

So this is not a real 577, but I wonder who is behind these?

Here is the link

Obviously this is not a real Tek anything....since it only weighs 19 pounds! 😂



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