Re: 2465 Project, story so far.


Hi, Andy, thanks for your reply, yes I do have the manual and have waded through the self test routines and blinky Leds, or lack of! ... they only come on and stay on so i have looked at the p.o.s.t order, waveforms and flowcharts, I think i have possibly.... narrowed it down to the the 2 eeproms on the A5 Control board, U2378 and U2162. In fact I can remove both of these and it makes no difference to where the bootup sticks or the whats on the CRT display. I am beginning to wonder if ... while I was waiting for the Caps to arrive, I put the scope back on the shelf in the garage (without the outer sleeve), now most unusually it has been quite sunny the last couple of weeks here in the UK and i'm wondering if the UV erasable EPROMs have been erased to some degree..... I am trying to get my hands on a copier so i can try and....
a) attempt to checksum and or
b) recopy, if i can find the hex/bin files
I have added another couple of piccys to the "John 2465 Project" photos.
Just a quick note, I have also added a close up pic of the leds, difficult to see which ones are on or is it bleed over ?

Thanks again

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