Re: 2465 Project, story so far.


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I have replaced all the usual electrolytics on both PSU boards, with a mix
of Nichicon and Panasonics, and the Rifa caps, rebuilt and hey presto all
the voltages are well within tolerance, ripple all good too, but ….. the
post test gets as far as lighting all the front panel led’s and they stay
on, CRT comes up with a static bizarre display showing four groups of 1111
across the top and bottom a central vertical line of dots, a horizontal
central line of four groups of 4 dots then a top right to bottom left
diagonal of four groups of 4 dots, (picture posted under 2465 strange

Link to album:

only focus and readout intensity controls on the front panel work.,
pressing the Delta T or V have no effect.
I believe it's the A/B trig button you press to get out of the POST display.
If the "Kernel" tests are failing, you'll see a decoding chart for the lit
front-panel LEDs on page 6-13 of the service manual.

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