2465 Project, story so far.


Hi all, another hopeful newbie on here, I found this site whilst looking for some clues to attempt repair a 2465. I have managed to get it almost back to life but now stuck, I wonder if anyone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction.
Here is some background info, I have had the scope for about 12 years, but not really had chance to use it, the magic smoke came out about 10 years ago when I switched it on, it got put on the shelf due to lack of time and left there. Now I have some time on my hands (due to being furloughed) I decided to dig it out and try and repair it.
After opening it up I spotted that C1018 had popped and C1016 didn’t look good so replaced both. C1020, C1052 and C1020 also had seen better days so swapped them too, looking at all the other caps no obvious leaks or bulges so reassembled and switched on, the CRT just about came to life and then the smoke came out again. This time it was C1130, so I decided to re-cap as advised on this forum.
I have replaced all the usual electrolytics on both PSU boards, with a mix of Nichicon and Panasonics, and the Rifa caps, rebuilt and hey presto all the voltages are well within tolerance, ripple all good too, but ….. the post test gets as far as lighting all the front panel led’s and they stay on, CRT comes up with a static bizarre display showing four groups of 1111 across the top and bottom a central vertical line of dots, a horizontal central line of four groups of 4 dots then a top right to bottom left diagonal of four groups of 4 dots, (picture posted under 2465 strange display) only focus and readout intensity controls on the front panel work., pressing the Delta T or V have no effect.
I do believe that I am the first person to effect any repairs to this scope as all screws are present and there are no signs of any “after manufacture” soldering of tampering, so its hands up I think I have done it in myself.
Anyone have any ideas where to go first?
Thanks in advance…
John Carter

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