Re: Tek 475A transformer replacement


Greetings, on pin removal tools, I have a box full of old telescopic TV and radio antennas collected over the years and another box of ones that have been taken apart and cut into various lengths over the years. Perhaps you might have one in just the right diameter to use as a pin remover.

I often use some of these short length ones as punches. If you run the pointed end of an exacto blade (duh, the other end would be the handle) or even the kitchen steak knives into the end of the tubing and scrape, or a deburring action on the edge, it will sharpen up near razor sharp, it should take less than 10 seconds. It will punch great holes in rubber, card, paper etc. Sometimes with thick rubber a bit of lube (spit is usually available) and spin in a drill chuck for better holes without the squishing from punching effect on the holes. You can easily spin and do lovely binder holes in a phone book. Sometimes a small triangular needle file can put some saw teeth on the end of the tube if need be. Ive even used them for banana jacks on occasion, a taper end of a punch or ball bearing easily with a bit of hammering will flare the end, or flare and then flatten for a nice flush end if pushed into a panel hole

The telescopic pins in old watch straps are another source for some handy tubing

You find you will want them right near your bench so you don't have to go far to utilize their handyness.


At 08:49 AM 6/04/2020, you wrote:
Hi Jim, I have some pin removal tools that work on various Molex style
connectors. They amount to a thin tube that slides over the pin which
disengages the exterior spurs plus, a piston plunger to eject the pin.
The pin diameter needs to be near the tools size.
I shall send a photo in a few minutes. They require more muscle than you
expect however, they work neatly with a bit of persistence. Wish you
success with the project, Gary

On Thu, Jun 4, 2020, 5:55 AM <> wrote:

Hello. I am new to this group, but am very interested in the discussions.
As a hobby, I have restored some Tek 465 and 475 scopes. My latest 475A has
a bad low voltage transformer. It plows the main fuse even when all of the
secondary windings are disconnected. To replace it, I need a pin removal
tool (Tek 003-0707-00), but have been unable to locate one. I would
appreciate any suggestions where I can acquire one. Thanks.

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