Re: Tek 475A transformer replacement

Harvey White

If you don't have any spare antennas, and the neighbors' cars don't have any either, then a good hobby shop has brass and aluminum stock, perhaps steel as well, of various fractional inch sizes.


On 6/4/2020 12:39 PM, Ed Breya via wrote:
If you have any junk telescopic antennas around, they are a handy source of assorted hard brass tubing sizes. Look for a section about the right diameter, and cut a piece and file an end square. I've always managed to find a piece the right size for any connector pin removal. It's good to also wind up a handle at the cold end out of many layers of tape, to get enough axial force and torque without gouging your hand.

I also use them to make rotary punches for making holes in thin, soft materials, by putting a cutting edge on the tip - just spin a drill bit (larger than the tube OD) in the end until the outer edge is nice and sharp. To punch a hole just push and twist it through. It can also be chucked in a drill. These wear out fast, so need to be resharpened as needed. They can make nice clean holes, especially in rubbery type materials, much better than a drill bit.


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