Re: Tek 475A transformer replacement

Chuck Harris

It all becomes easier if you first push the wire
in the direction of insertion.

I have successfully made removal tools using tin snips,
a tin can, pliers, and a nail around which to roll the
tin can material.

Form a tube that is the same size as the plastic shell's
opening, insert the tube, at the same time push the wire
towards the tube. When the tube passes the connector's
retaining fingers, pull the wire out of the shell.

-Chuck Harris

aldue wrote:

Hi Jim, I have some pin removal tools that work on various Molex style
connectors. They amount to a thin tube that slides over the pin which
disengages the exterior spurs plus, a piston plunger to eject the pin.
The pin diameter needs to be near the tools size.
I shall send a photo in a few minutes. They require more muscle than you
expect however, they work neatly with a bit of persistence. Wish you
success with the project, Gary

On Thu, Jun 4, 2020, 5:55 AM <> wrote:

Hello. I am new to this group, but am very interested in the discussions.
As a hobby, I have restored some Tek 465 and 475 scopes. My latest 475A has
a bad low voltage transformer. It plows the main fuse even when all of the

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