Re: Tek 475A transformer replacement


Hi Jim, I sent photos but, attachments are disallowed. Most are made by
AMP. You may find them at Newark Electronics. The look a bit like a syringe
with a tube instead of a needle.
They punch pins out of plastic blocks. If this is similar to your Tektronix
connector, try to measure the diameter of the holes molded into the
plastic blocks. Send me the data and I shall check for the correct tool.
Ebay has the cheap tool kits but, I haven't been able to make them work.,
aldue = Gary

On Thu, Jun 4, 2020, 5:55 AM <> wrote:

Hello. I am new to this group, but am very interested in the discussions.
As a hobby, I have restored some Tek 465 and 475 scopes. My latest 475A has
a bad low voltage transformer. It plows the main fuse even when all of the
secondary windings are disconnected. To replace it, I need a pin removal
tool (Tek 003-0707-00), but have been unable to locate one. I would
appreciate any suggestions where I can acquire one. Thanks.

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