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Harvey White

Please see inline comments:

On 6/2/2020 7:35 PM, Mlynch001 wrote:

Modeling is not going to be an issue, just a matter of the time it will take to create the model. Those more complex front panels would be time consuming. I am not at all adverse to spending the time to do this project, but I would like to have samples of the panels so that I can produce an accurate model the first time.
I may be able to help, given that I use OpenSCAD and would give you the code for the ones I do.

It is possible to use the slicer program to position the model in whatever position makes best sense. Some slicers even do analysis of the model and position the model in the best orientation for printing. I’m going to work on that simple piece that Dennis is describing first of all. I knew that one of these plug ins had a simple front panel.
This was more of an "introduce people to the limitations of 3D printing" than not.  Newcomers to 3D printing don't understand support structure and what they (eventually) do to the model.

I will print these in PETG, since my machines are already calibrated for that material and that will yield a usable part immediately. I am not too fond of PLA, except in applications where durability is not an issue. PLA is extremely brittle and most of it does not hold up well in higher temps.
Exactly, which is why I mentioned doing the dimensional models with PLA rather than PETG.  I use (exclusively) PLA, and have not used PETG yet.    However, the models are independent of the printed material.

I have a light grey PETG that might look pretty good for these parts.
That's kinda what I thought I would use.
Appreciate your comments and ideas going forward.
You have used the #include (IIRC) structure to reference other libraries?

I'd do a program structure with a "difference" between a union (I always do this) and another union.

The first include has the blank plate.  The difference part has all the holes.  From what I see, the holes may be standard, so I'd use a library of them and then change the locations (and include the ones you want.)  If you're familiar with OpenSCAD then you know this already.

I don't remember bosses (extrusions) below the base plate for TM500 stuff (or maybe even TM5000).  However, I'm not about to say there aren't.

I can add this to my projects list, if you want.

If needed, please feel free to email me directly.

I've been considering this for a while, but other projects seem to claim my time.

I have a decent assortment of TM500 (and a few TM5000) plugins, so between us, we may have a number that's sufficient.  How about (if we want) coordinate who does what so we don't duplicate effort.



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